Borogu Kava: the famous sedative kava from Vanuatu & the best kava for sleep

Borogu Kava: the famous sedative kava from Vanuatu & the best kava for sleep

In Vanuatu kava is an integral part of the culture. Typically kava in Vanuatu is drank either at nakamals (kava bars), or in the evening to wind down after work. A very well known kava in Vanuatu is Borogu kava, which is generally consumed as a evening time kava to unwind and help sleep. In Vanuatu borogu kava is one of the most well known kava strains, and Borogu kava has a reputation as one of the most commonly sold cultivars of Vanuatu kava in the world. If you are unfamiliar with kava cultivars, you can read our article on the different kava strains and kava cultivars so you better understand what makes each type of kava unique, and some more popular than others.

The effects of Vanuatu Borogu kava

Borogu kava is extremely popular, and Borogu is considered a more "heavy" kava. This means its effects are more catered towards a night time kava. Some of the effects of Borogu kava include:

  • May Promote Sedation

  • May Promote Relaxation

  • May Promote An Uplifted Mood
  • May Help With Stress Relief & A General Sense Of Wellbeing

When you put these effects in perspective of a night-time kava experience, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular Vanuatu kava cultivars/strains. Kava drinkers far and wide love the effects.

vanuatu borogu kava

The popularity of Borogu Kava

Borogu kava is perhaps the most popular kava in Vanuatu for export to the rest of the world. The numerous reasons for Borogu kava being so well known include:

  • Borogu Kava is very high in kavalactones, and is a noble kava.

  • Other cultivars of Vanuatu kava (such as kelai) are consumed locally and don't make it on the international market

  • The potency in Borogu kava is some of the highest in the world

  • People on the international market often search for the highest powered kava root, leading to Borogu kavas extreme popularity.

These factors have led to the reputation of Borogu kava being an exceptional noble kava strain and in turn an extremely popular kava cultivar from Vanuatu. However- not all Borogu kava is created equal.

The Different AGES of borogu kava in vanuatu

For starters, because Vanuatu borogu kava is so widely sold online, it is grown more than most other noble kava in Vanuatu. The older the kava root, the higher the kavalactone content, or potency. Since it is a cash crop, Vanuatu kava farmers and exporters will sometimes sell non mature kava root for more lucrative profitability. We take extreme care to only harvest the most mature noble kava root- typically 4-7 years old.

Beyond the farmer harvest level, some vendors will buy huge bulk amounts of kava and store it in warehouses for years on end. Not only does this degrade the potency of the kava root but it can create health hazards such as mold. This is something kava drinkers obviously do not want- be careful who you purchase kava from.

The different types of borogu kava root

There are actually several different varieties of Borogu kava. Here is a short list.


  • by far the most popular sold variety of Vanuatu borogu kava root

  • heavy or balanced effects

  • Boro means small, as this is a more compact easy to grow kava plant.

  • sometimes referred to as Goro or Gorogu in the southern islands

Borogu Temit:

  • Temit means white, and refers to the lighter coloration of this kava variety.

  • more expensive for export, as it is more desirable

  • the lighter colored Borogu Temit is thought to have a more desirable profile of effects and is considered a premium to regular Vanuatu borogu kava root.

Borogu Tememe:

  • Tememe means red, and much like Temit refers to the coloration of the kava plant

  • Borogu Tememe is the most potent and powerful variety by far

  • Heavy, sedative effects. Far stronger than regular Borogu kava root.

  • Because of it's potency and local popularity, it is extremely difficult to find this kava on the market outside of Vanuatu.

  • The most premium and rare form of Vanuatu borogu kava.

  • Most is consumed by kava drinkers locally or in kava bars within Vanuatu.

  • One of the most difficult kava varieties to source and export.

We are proud to provide real Borogu Tememe instant kava- our "Midnight" Borogu Tememe kava. We are the only vendor supplying this variety of Vanuatu Borogu kava we know of. This is a sedative night time kava, best used for sleep or to wind down in the evening due to it's effects (hence the "Midnight" name. It is very rare that you will find this strain outside of the islands of Vanuatu. This is a powerful, high quality kava, and probably the strongest noble kava on the market- period. We pay extra to supply this variety, and it has made us stand out from other vendors.
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