100% Noble Top-Shelf Instant Kava Juice.

Purity You Can Taste.
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Lab Tested + It's Instant.

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No straining needed, just add water.

Traditional kava brewing methods are messy and time-consuming... Instead, we provide on-the-go instant kava, ready in seconds- for modern relaxation with traditional strength.

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What Is Kava?

Kava is a powerful ancient island root known for its calm & relaxing effects.

Normally, the process to brew kava can take 15 min - 3 hours...

Designer Kava takes the freshest & rarest kava in the world, and using our proprietary cold water method- we transform it into instant kava powder you can drink instantly.

No tedious straining, kneading or blending necessary- just mix & sip.

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Experience Real Top Shelf Kava

Our instant kava is made by dehydrating the purest & most potent fresh green kava juice, less than 24 hours after harvest. This is as close to a fresh kava drink as you can get outside the Islands- ready in an instant.

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  • Ancient Root, Modern Science

    Kava has been used for 1000+ years in the south pacific for it's anti-anxiety, euphoric, calming, psychoactive effects. Our cold water extraction method makes ultra-pure instant kava powder ready to consume instantly.

  • Top Quality, Superb Potency

    We only offer the highest quality, single cultivar noble kava. Sourced from master growers on small organic grassroots farms in the islands of Vanuatu. We provide the most potent and pure kava on the market.

  • Easy To Enjoy + Free & Fast Shipping

    Designer kava ships directly to your door with free priority shipping on orders of 2+ jars. Our instant kava juice can be prepared in seconds, for modern relaxation with a traditional punch. no tedious straining necessary.

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  • Safe, Effective Anxiety-Relief ~

    Kava has been shown in studies to help with social anxiety, nervousness and tension- without negative side effects.

  • 1000+ Year Old Sleep Aid ~

    Kava has been used for thousands of years in the South Pacific to promote deep sleep and relaxation.

  • Euphoric + Uplifting Effects ~

    Studies show kava relaxes and uplifts your mood by boosting your brain's dopamine and serotonin. Traditionally, it is used as a social drink, medicine, or in religious ceremonies.

  • No Mixing, Ready Instantly ~

    While traditional kava requires tedious preparation methods, we provide real instant kava juice for relaxation in seconds. Just add to any drink!

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You've never tried kava like this before...

We are proud to provide the strongest & rarest kava outside of the South Pacific, guaranteed. You can feel the difference in quality immediately. Plus, did we mention it's instant?

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Fair trade & organic, from grassroots farms in Vanuatu.

Instead of competing with small farmers, we work with them, offering kava previously only available to insiders. Grown organically in the rich volcanic soils of Vanuatu.

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Our reputation for quality is proven.

We take our reputation for providing the best instant kava seriously. All of our kava meets the highest standards of quality control and is carefully sourced and laboratory-tested at a state-of-the-art facility for research-backed potency.

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