About Us

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality instant kava juice.

Like many people new to kava, we first tried extracts and micronized kava with minimal effects (besides a stomach ache). Then we tried traditional kava root and it actually worked... but the preparation was tedious and messy.

We wanted to introduce people to this amazing drink but needed to bridge the gap between convenience and potency. 

The solution: "Designer Kava". Our production process starts with fresh kava juice, made less than 24 hours after harvest (obtained through cold water extraction and careful filtration of peeled kava roots), dehydrated until all that remains is the pure ultra fine instant granules.

The resulting product is ready to drink in seconds. By using only mature noble kava root and water, Designer Kava offers a more pure, potent, and convenient relaxation experience.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality noble kavas available, previously only available to locals and industry insiders.

After years of research and building relationships in the South Pacific, we are bringing Designer Kava to the world.

We ensure the quality of our products through maintaining a close working relationship with the grass roots farmers and exporters, while using the newest technology to maintain a high standard of processing and testing.

Our state-of-the-art technology means we can bridge the gap between freshness and potency, with kava that is incredibly clean and packs a traditional punch. 

We maintain a 24 hour processing time after harvest to ensure freshness of our product.

To promise quality and kavalactone content, all our farmers are encouraged to harvest only mature, noble kava plants. 

We only purchase our Kava from small farms in the surrounding Vanuatu Islands of Pentecost, Malekula, Santo, Ambrym, and Tanna.