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Designer Kava Connoisseur Bundle (Save $56 + Free Shipping)

Designer Kava Connoisseur Bundle (Save $56 + Free Shipping)

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Enjoy $56 off our entire selection of kava.

1 jar of every cultivar we offer.

100g of Midnight Borogu Tememe
100g of Luxury Tanna Pia
100g of Creamsicle Kelai
100g of Daydream Purple Selise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Mathews
Excellent Kava!

I’ve enjoyed ground kava for several years now. I recently came across Designer Kava’s post on Facebook. I was about out of my current bag of ground kava so I decided to give Designer a go. I recently lost my dad and anxiety and getting to sleep have been an issue. I decided to try the 4 pack thinking the Midnight Borogu Tememe and Creamsicle Kelai would help. They do not disappoint. The Creamsicle Kelai will get rid of the 100 lb weight off my chest and allow me to get on with my day. The Midnight Borogu Tememe definitely helps with getting to sleep. I am currently enjoying Daydream Purple Selise after a long day’s work and I am still trying to figure out the Luxury Tanna Pia as it is a bit slower to kick in. Overall I am super pleased with Designer Kava. I love the ease of instant kava and look forward to ordering more.

Michael Miller
Phenomenal instant kava

I've been doing kava for about 25 years. This stuff is so potent and the effects on the containers are accurate the Kelai is heady ,the Tememe is Heavy. Very happy with this purchase!

Austin Tracy

Third time ordering, copped the bundle cause I love this stuff

Designer Kava


Is shipping free?

Yes! Shipping is free. 100% free and fast shipping in the USA. Unfortunately, we can't ship free to other countries. We would lose too much money. We do ship internationally, just not for free like the US.

What is kava? What does it feel like?

Kava is a relaxing root beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years In the pacific Islands. It is commonly used as a medicinal drink, in religious ceremonies, and as a social beverage for its euphoric properties. The kava plant (plant scientifically named Piper Methysticum) has been grown in the volcanic soil of the South Pacific for centuries. After it reaches age, the root is dried and pounded into a powder for preparing drinks.The active chemicals in Kava that give its psychoactive effects are known as kavalactones. There are at least 100 different strains or cultivars of kava, each with a unique kavalactone make up giving the strains different effects.


✅ Relax the Mind and Body

Often consumed in the evenings or after work, kava has been used for thousands of years as a beverage to unwind and relax.

✅ Natural Sleep Aid

Kava can be used to promote deep sleep, helping you rest and recover. Say goodbye restless nights.

✅ Ease Social Anxiety

Proven through studies to help with nervousness, anxiety, tension and restlessness. 

✅ Non Addictive, No Hangover

One major benefit of kava is it is proven to be non addictive. Also, kava will not overly dehydrate your body or fill it with the toxins that lead to headaches or hangovers. It is still recommended you do not drive after drinking kava.

✅ Lift Mood & Increase Sociability

Cultures in the Pacific Islands have used kava as a way to establish peace between communities for thousands of years. People have said the people of the South Pacific are so friendly partially because of the kava they drink!

What does "instant kava" mean?

Instant kava means all you need to do is add water and stir, as opposed to a long preparation method with straining. Designer Kava makes instant kava by dehydrating fresh, green kava juice: so this kava is stronger & more effective than others on the market. We think that is a good thing.

Is it legal? Is it safe?

100% legal, 100% safe. You can't overdose or anything like that. We still would not recommend driving after you drink kava, as it can make you sedated.

Is this kava noble or lab tested?

All kava we sell is 100% lab-tested noble, processed at a food-grade facility in Vanuatu.

Is this kava flavored? What does it taste like?

Zero flavor or fillers, just 100% noble kava. Try mixing it with your favorite juice if you don't like the taste.