Instant Kava Powder: What it really means

Instant Kava Powder: What it really means

Simply put: instant kava powder is a premium kava product that makes kava ready to mix instantly without straining or other preparation. It is rare on the market and typically costs more than other kava products, but it is superior in terms of potency, purity, and ease of use.

Designer Kava only provides the absolute highest quality, potent instant kava powder. Some call this "Green" instant kava, others call it "Dehydrated Kava Juice". To keep things simple, we just refer to it as instant kava powder, but it is all of these things. We provide real instant kava powder, not micronized kava powder.

For starters: real instant kava powder is ready to mix instantly with water or your favorite juice. You do not have to deal with the traditional preparation method of kava root: just add water. You do not need a strainer bag. We take care of all of that for you and provide a superior quality kava.

You can check out this link if you would like to learn more about how to brew kava traditionally or making instant kava drinks.

The highest quality kava root

For starters, we source the absolute top of the line noble kava cultivars from Vanuatu. Instead of competing against small kava farmers in Vanuatu, we work with them: providing ultra high quality strong kava cultivars previously only available to locals or industry insiders. Through our quality control practices we are constantly improving the quality kava powder available to you.

In order to provide the highest quality and go beyond the industry standard, we pay a premium and our kava is in limited supply.

All of our kava is certified noble kava, organically grown and fair trade sourced from grassroots farms in the rich volcanic soils of Vanuatu.

We do not ever sell a blend of noble kava, but instead one noble kava cultivar per product. One "strain" at a time. All of our kava is laboratory tested for quality in terms of potency and purity. We have the reputation of providing the most premium potent Vanuatu kava (definitely the most potent instant kava powder on the market) available and plan to keep that reputation.

Using fresh kava juice

Less than 24 hours after harvest, we take fresh green kava roots and carefully peel the outside of the root. We then use cold water filtration to make fresh kava juice, which is then dehydrated into instant kava powder. It is of the highest quality available and we are always working with our partners in Vanuatu to ensure this.

Since the already soluble kavalactones are extracted into the fresh kava juice, you are getting as a result the most potent kava powder available once the water is dehydrated from the juice. This is as close to drinking fresh kava on the islands as you can get.

We take the premium quality of our instant kava powder seriously, it is all processed in Vanuatu right after harvest, then it is tested in Vanuatu before it is tested again in the USA to ensure it is noble kava and matches food safety standards.

You can read about our premium quality control methods here.

Instant kava vs micronized kava powder

We only provide real instant kava, not micronized kava powder. Micronized kava blend are sometimes advertised as instant kava powder on the market which confuses people.

Instant kava is a premium and is far more potent and easy to drink then micronized kava, so it costs a bit more. There are a variety of reasons for this.

Micronized kava is by far inferior to real instant kava powder and is essentially just espresso ground kava powder. You can read more about micronized vs instant kava powder here.

What makes a high quality kava root

One of the key things of importance when selecting kava root for harvest that we look for is age. The more mature the kava root, the more kavalactones in the kava root, and therefore generally the more potent kava.

In addition we look for master growers who have extensive experience and reputation growing kava. We do not want sub par kava root and definitely do not want non noble kava root cultivars.

This means we pay a premium to growers and exporters, but it is absolutely worth it. Not only can we provide the best kava on the market this way, but we can support kava farmers in Vanuatu.


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