Strong kava: what makes it potent

Strong kava: what makes it potent

To answer simply:

  • the strongest kava is going to be a kava that is exceptionally high in kavalactones per gram (that is not all that is important- read on to learn how this can be misleading especially with extracts).

  • Generally speaking the absolute strongest kava is fresh kava or fresh green kava powder (like our instant kava.)

Most of the kava on the market is medium grind kava powder from kava roots that are left out in the sun to dry after harvest before being ground up. Real instant kava powder (aka green) is taken from fresh roots that are juiced and then turned into dehydrated kava. (this is different than micronized kava which is misleadingly marketed as instant. More on that is in this article here: Instant kava vs. Micronized Kava)

Since it is right after harvest vs days of drying much more potency remains. In addition you need far less of a dose as it is concentrated in potency with less fibrous plant matter.

As far as kavalactones as mentioned earlier:

Kavalactones are the chemicals that makes you feel the effects of drinking kava root. That being said- just because something is very high in kavalactones DOES NOT always mean it is the strongest.

This is because in kava extracts or other "high kavalactone kavas", may not have the same TYPES of kavalactones in it as other kavas.

Each kava cultivar has a different kavalactone spectrum that is it's unique make up of which kavalactones are more abundant.

Kavalactones #2,#4, and #3 typically produce the most desirable effects in noble kava. If you want to learn more about the different types of kava and chemotype, check out our article that covers Different Kava Strains and Kava Cultivars

The strongest kava we offer is going to be "Midnight" Borogu Tememe.

noble kava root vs tudei kava

On the subject of different kava cultivars and what is the strongest kava- we wish we could say that noble kava is the most potent but that would not be accurate. Tudei kava is typically very very strong and higher in kavalactones per dose, HOWEVER: because of the kavalactone make up in tudei kava it will make you sick, could last several days, and the strong kava effects would be generally unpleasant.

Kava cultivars that are NOT noble (ie tudei kava, wild kava) will usually be high in kavalactone #5 and #6.

That being said, we do not ever provide Tudei kava. Always certified noble kava in fresh green instant kava powder form.

Since tudei kava comes with so many negative effects it is not even really meant to be on the market (some vendors may cut corners so they can save on cost, it's cheaper. They may even mix tudei kava with noble kava root as a claim they have the strongest kava.)

Tudei kava powder may be the strongest kava powder but you really, really do not want it. You will not feel good at all. This is why it is important to always purchase kava root from a reputable vendor who laboratory tests for adulteration of noble with tudei kava (we do, and most the best kava vendors do as well.)

All of that aside- it is actually illegal for non-noble kava like tudei or wild kava to be exported from Vanuatu. The pacific islands take kava very seriously, especially Vanuatu. There is something called the kava act that the Vanuatu government passed that put into law only kava root that is certified noble and contains info on the islands of origin may be exported. Providing the best kava is something the country takes very seriously, much like we do as a business.

This is a picture of HPLC testing to check for tudei kava. Note the different colorations. You can learn about our testing practices on the About Us page.

The strongest kava (noble kava) is going to cost more typically. The longer a kava plant (and therefore kava root) grows the more kavalactones are going to be in the mature kava root.

We are happy to provide noble kava that is harvested at a mature age of 3-7 years old, and only purchase the absolute highest quality noble kava cultivars available.

We source our noble kava from master grower, grassroots farmers directly in Vanuatu. Less than 24 hours after harvest the kava root is carefully peeled and juiced with cold water filtration before being dehydrated into instant kava powder.

This is how we provide the strongest kava (that is noble and won't make you sick.) Straight from the pacific islands where it is processed, to the lab where it is tested, then to you.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our instant kava powder. They are all single cultivars (ie one strain to a product).

instant kava vs kava extract

Kava extract in our opinion (and most of the kava community's opinion) give kava a bad name. The same goes for kava capsules. Kava capsules = kava extract OR just straight kava, and you really are not supposed to eat it otherwise drinking kava would not be a thing. There is a reason locals in the pacific islands don't just eat kava root.

When you purchase Designer Kava, you are getting real instant kava powder aka "green" kava. Green kava (we don't typically use this term to describe our kava even though it would technically be "green") is made by juicing and dehydrating kava root while it is still fresh, resulting in a far more potent and pure strong kava. This is what we provide.

You are getting what was already the water soluble kavalactones direct from that kava cultivar, in a far higher dose with significantly less plant matter. This is as close to drinking fresh kava root on the islands as you can get. Fresh dehydrated kava.

As far as kava extract- these use harsh chemicals to strip the plant of kavalactones and then are sold to you in some kind of chemical or alcohol solution. You are not getting the full spectrum of a kava plant, only what was chemically extracted which may be one or two different kavalactones.

Beyond this kava extract and kava capsules often use cheap poorly grown kava that is sourced from the USA or Europe. This is very very different than real kava in the south pacific. For one the plants are most certainly not mature and at full potency. Second, they almost certainly are not a top quality noble kava cultivar- and may even be tudei or wild kava. THIRD- kava extracts and kava capsules often will just run the entire plant through a chemical solution to create the extract. This is a no go- only the kava roots are considered safe to drink.

If you can't tell, we suggest against kava extracts. As far as drinking kava, stick with traditional medium grind kava powder- or if you want the strongest most cost effective kava experience: try Designer Kava instant kava powder. We are proud to provide the very best kava available.

If your curious about the best kava for you, check out our kava variety finder quiz or our article finding the best kava for you.


The best kava powder is going to cost more.

The best kava/ strongest kava powder can be hard to find on a budget. Kava grows more potent in kavalactones as it ages, so the strongest kava is mature noble kava roots- because of the need to grow to reach full maturity for full potency these plants go at a higher cost/premium. This makes it hard for other vendors to provide the best kava.

In addition to this- the very best kava cultivars from Vanuatu are rarely exported, as the locals consume most of them. This makes the really good kava cultivars cost even more.

As if that wasn't enough- the strongest kava in terms of kavalactone content and potency is instant green kava powder- which is SUPER expensive to produce for sale. As we said, luckily, you have us. The benefits of kava tea are tremendous.

Check out our products here.

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