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6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Ditching Booze And Anxiety Pills For This Ancient Island Root (aka “Nature’s Xanax”)

People are ditching addictive pills & expensive supplements for something that works better, is non-addictive, plus 100% natural & hangover free. Here are the 6 reasons why Designer Kava is taking the internet by storm:

1. It’s Been Used For Over 1000 Years As A Way To Relieve Anxiety & Relax

Unlike supplements, you can feel the effects of Designer Kava in as little as 20 minutes.

Kava is an ancient island root from the South Pacific, the locals there have used it for millennia as a way to unwind after work or loosen up social gatherings.

It grows in the rich volcanic soil until the roots are harvested at maturity, which are then crushed and ground into powder for tea that is traditionally brewed through a long straining and kneading prep method before drinking.

2. Clinical Studies Prove It Works

Clinical trials have shown that kava helps anxiety, nervousness, and even people with panic attacks or GAD. It's incredible effectiveness has been the subject of countless studies...

The fact that it works so well explains why it has been used by islanders in the South Pacific for so long. It is a huge part of the culture in places like Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands. Not only is it used as a cultural and social beverage, some of the natives use it as a medication or even in religious ceremonies.

In ancient Fiji, inviting someone to drink kava was a sign of a peace offering between warring tribes.

3. Natural & Safe Alternative To Alcohol Or Anxiety Meds

Kava is traditionally consumed at places called Nakamals, which is basically a word for “Kava Bar’. Its euphoric & uplifting effects make it a perfect alcohol alternative, in fact - the locals here don’t even really drink alcohol, just kava at parties.

The active ingredients in kava are known as “
kavalactones”, and they act on the same GABA receptors in your brain as alcohol or benzo medication- but without the spins, slurred speech, nausea or loss of coordination. Basically, it gives you all the euphoria without the unpleasant side effects. (NOTE: you still shouldn’t drive on kava until you know how it affects you.)

4. 100% Natural & Non-Addictive, Plus No Hangovers

Kava is proven to be non addictive, and the worst thing that happens if you drink too much is you probably will fall asleep. There are no hangovers- it doesn’t dehydrate you or make you act a fool like alcohol does.

Because of its anti-anxiety effect, even if you consumed a huge dose of kava, you would just be incredibly chill (unlike THC products which can cause anxiety).

Many Designer Kava users say they drink it instead of booze on their nights out with friends- or use it as
a replacement for wine/beer after work & before bed.

5. The Best Of The Best, Straight From The Pacific Islands

A key difference between Designer Kava and the big kava monopoly vendors is quality. Designer Kava sources the rarest kava cultivars (strains) in the world direct from Vanuatu where it is grown on small grassroots farms...

These ultra-rare top-shelf kava cultivars were previously only available to locals or industry insiders. You won't find kava like this on Amazon (unless Designer Kava starts selling there.)

The result is a measurable difference in effects. You can quite literally feel a huge difference between Designer Kava or regular kava.
This is as close to drinking it fresh in the islands as you can get (outside taking a flight to Vanuatu).

6. It’s Ready Instantly On-The-Go

Traditional kava brewing methods are time-consuming & messy (it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole day, plus straining). Designer Kava is true instant kava- they make it by dehydrating fresh green kava root into powder less than 24 hours after harvest. This not only makes Designer Kava twice as fresh, it makes it twice as potent as regular or micronized kava.

So what is Designer Kava’s instant kava? Exactly what it sounds like: you
just toss a teaspoon in a drink, stir for a few seconds, and relax.

By combining this ancient and powerful root with cutting-edge science,
Designer Kava provides modern relaxation- with a traditional punch.

Easy to use and effective... Designer Kava is my new night time ritual. Melts away my anxiety and puts me right to sleep. Couldn't ask for more!"

— Casey

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"So far I've tried the Creamsicle Kelai, the Luxury Pia, and now the Midnight Borogu. About 15 minutes in my body pain was very minimal, my heart rate went down, and I just felt like I was in a really good mood. Ended up sleeping like a baby."


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"I drink kava for my anxiety/trouble sleeping, and this hits the spot. I have tried a lot of kava but this is the most POTENT. I was blown away. Great kava, great customer service. At first I ordered the wrong kind of kava and they sent me the correct one free of charge. Thanks!"


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