“Designer Kava is my new night time ritual- melts away my anxiety and puts me right to sleep, couldn't ask for more.”

- Casey

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"Creamsicle" Kelai Instant Kava

100g (40-50 doses)

A Popular Daytime Kava

Euphoric "Heady" Effects

Fast Acting Social Day Kava

One Of The Rarest Strains

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"Midnight" Borogu Tememe Instant Kava

100g (40-50 doses)

The Best Kava For Sleep

Sedative & Relaxing Effects

Our Most Potent & Most Popular Strain

Best For Use Before Bed

The Strongest Kava Strain On The Market

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400g (over 200 doses)

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Designer Kava Connoisseur Bundle

The Full Spectrum Of Designer Kava Strains

4x 100 G Jars (200+ Doses)

1x Jar "Midnight" Borogu

1x Jar "Creamsicle" Kelai

1x Jar "Daydream" Silese

1x Jar "Luxury" Tanna Pia

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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relieves anxiety & tension

euphoric & uplifting

promotes relaxation

fast, noticeable effects

natural sleep aid

ready in seconds

100% natural noble kava

30 day money-back guarantee

Over 1000+ Happy Customers

"I drink kava for my anxiety/trouble sleeping, and this hits the spot. I have tried a lot of kava but this is the most POTENT. I was blown away. Great kava, great customer service. At first I ordered the wrong kind of kava and they sent me the correct one free of charge. Thanks"

- Emily

"This kava is strong! I had heard of kelai kava but never had a chance to try it before I found this brand. Definitely highly recommend this for anyone who wants a "heady" kava. Very pleasant buzz. It worked super quick, felt it right after the first shell. Surprisingly smooth also."

- Austin

"This stuff actually works. Got rid of my anxiety and made me super relaxed. If you take a little extra you will be really tired and it’s hard to stay awake. Five stars"

- Arty

A Difference In Quality You Can Feel

  • Best kava I have ever tried, and it’s instant. I used traditional medium grind before but I’m never going back. So convenient and it’s probably twice as potent as other vendors. If your on the fence, just try it you won’t regret.

    Nolan Kahal

    Verified Buyer

  • Ok WHOA this stuff is freaking legit. works way faster than regular kava and i love the packaging. super potent, super fast shipping... ya 10/10 will reorder


    Verified Buyer

  • So far I've tried the Creamsicle Kelai, the Luxury Pia, and now the Midnight Borogu. About 15 minutes in my body pain was very minimal, my heart rate went down, and I just felt like I was in a really good mood. Ended up sleeping like a baby.


    Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what your question is about, the team at Designer Kava is always on hand to provide prompt and accurate answers. Email us at contact@designerkavamail.com anytime.

What does "instant kava" mean?

Instant kava means all you need to do is add water and stir, as opposed to a long preparation method with straining. Designer Kava makes instant kava by dehydrating fresh, green kava juice: so this kava is stronger & more effective than others on the market. We think that is a good thing.

Is it legal & safe?

100% legal in the entire USA, 100% safe. We still would not recommend driving after you drink kava, as it can make you sedated.

Is this kava noble or lab tested?

All kava we sell is 100% lab-tested noble, processed at a food-grade FDA & GMP approved facility in Vanuatu.

What does it taste like?

Kava is a root, so it tastes a bit earthy. Kava has been known to numb your mouth. Try mixing it with your favorite juice if you don't like the taste- but Designer Kava instant kava is far smoother and more palatable than traditional medium grind.

How fast is shipping?

We ship same day for orders placed before 3 pm during the week. Most shipping is via USPS - so 2 or 3 days.

What does it feel like?

Kava chills you out and relaxes the mind and body. It's hard to describe, but many claim it gives a care free "island vibe". Science-wise, kava impacts the same receptors in your brain that anti-anxiety meds or alcohol does (without the harmful effects).