calm the mind and lift the mood

Premium instant kava powder- made from dehydrated fresh kava juice...
The rarest top-shelf strains straight from Vanuatu to you

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Kava is an ancient island root known for its relaxing, euphoric effects. It's been used for 1000+ years as a natural way to ease anxiety & unwind...

Designer Kava takes the best kava in the world and makes it instant - so you can just mix & sip, for relaxation in seconds.

"Creamsicle" Kelai

a famous daytime social kava strain, this rarely makes it outside Vanuatu because it is a local favorite. minimal sedation but fast acting euphoria

"Daydream" Purple Silese

a relaxing strain a bit more on the sleepy side of effects. sourced directly from the bushlands of Malekula. long-lasting & blissful anxiety relief

"Midnight" Borogu Tememe

our most popular (and most potent) kava. save this one for bedtime. borogu is a famous strain, and "tememe" means red- this is by far the most psychoactive & sedating borogu.

"Luxury" Tanna Pia

grown in the rich volcanic soil, this is a balanced kava- perfect for day or night. the locals nicknamed it "headhunter" and it lives up to the hype.

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the connoisseur bundle

4.9 / 5 out of 107+ reviews

• four different cultivars included

midnight borogu, creamsicle kelai, luxury tanna pia, daydream purple silese

• purity & potency guaranteed

100% noble & lab tested kava direct from Vanuatu. zero flavor or fillers, just kava

• as close to fresh island kava as it gets

made from fresh top-shelf kava dehydrated less than 24 hours after harvest. the result is effects you can feel. You've never had kava this good before.

• instant juice powder ready in seconds

traditional kava brewing is time-consuming & messy. this is instant kava, just toss some in your drink and your ready to relax :)



free shipping on all bundles

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calm the mind and lift the mood, day or night

designer kava

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real instant powder via dehydrated fresh kava

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fair trade sourced from small Vanuatu farms

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who is Designer Kava?

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality noble kavas available, previously only available to locals and industry insiders.

After years of research and building relationships in the South Pacific, we are bringing Designer Kava to the world.

We ensure the quality of our products through maintaining a close working relationship with the grass roots farmers and exporters, while using the newest technology to maintain a high standard of processing and testing.

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