Where to Buy Kava & How to Have the Strongest Kava Sessions

Where to Buy Kava & How to Have the Strongest Kava Sessions

If you are looking to buy kava powder, or buy instant kava powder specifically: look no further, you are in the right place. Here at Designer Kava we offer only the very best instant kava, made from fresh green kava juice dehydrated less than 24 hours after harvest. If you want to learn about instant kava powder: what it really means, we have several articles including that linked one on the subject.

We offer real instant kava, not micronized kava powder. Our kava is pure potent and smooth, and easily the best instant kava on the market. We only sell single cultivar noble kava.

If you are curious the differences between micronized and instant kava, (there are HUGE differences) check out our blog on Micronized Kava vs. Instant Kava.

Save money with a smaller amount of kava

One huge benefit to Designer Kava instant kava powder is you do not need anywhere near as much of an amount of kava per kava session/ kava drink. This is because it is FAR more potent and pure.

With Designer Kava instant kava, you only need 1 Teaspoon of instant kava powder for a potent kava drink.

In micronized kava, you usually need about 2-4 teaspoons according to kava reddit.

With traditional medium grind kava, you need at least 3 tablespoons to make a kava tea/kava drink.

You can learn more about how to brew kava at the link previously mentioned.

How to make strong kava tea:

To make strong kava, we recommend mixing with coconut milk or another kind of fatty liquid. Our instant kava is very strong, so mixing instant kava with a fatty liquid will only improve the experience.

The main reasoning for this is kavalactones bind to fat.

In addition to doing this, you can up the dose of your kava by adding up to 3 teaspoons of instant kava.

How to get the most out of your kava session:

There are a couple things we recommend for getting the strongest kava experience.

  1. Drink kava on an empty stomach a few hours after eating. This will potentiate the effects of kava.

  2. Mix your kava/ instant kava with a liquid that contains fat. We recommend coconut milk. If you want to learn different kava tea/ kava drink recipes (including those with coconut milk), check out our article on Kava mixes and Kava drink recipes.

  3. Eat a fatty meal 45 minutes or so after you drink kava. The reason we suggest this is similar to why we suggest coconut milk: kavalactones are lipophilic, meaning they bind to fat.

  4. Last but not least, and probably the most obvious: drink more kava. You can have up to 3 teaspoons of Designer Kava instant kava powder. This will be a higher dose and increase the strength of your instant kava experience.


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