The best kava mix and kava drink recipes

The best kava mix and kava drink recipes

We are not expert chefs but have some recommendations. We usually just mix Designer Kava instant kava with water, but one of our favorite things to do for instant kava drink recipes (not much of a recipe at all): we use sparkling water with some lime juice to drink kava on the go.

Kava by itself does not taste particularly good, no matter how you prepare kava. With instant kava luckily you have less plant fiber so it goes down smoothly, however adding some flavor is always a really good idea to mask the taste. If you want to understand more about what instant kava really is, check out that link.

We have found that lime works great as just a bit of sour flavor. If you don't like lime: try lemon or really any other sour fruit. Think of it like a drink garnish. Honey or agave work as great sweeteners.

One thing to keep in mind is a lot of kavalactones are lipophilic: meaning they bind to fat. Adding some coconut milk to your instant kava drink recipes is an excellent way to add flavor AND potency all in one. You can learn about how to make a strong kava drink here where we talk about fat in kava. Don't just use the milk: include water or soda water so it is not too thick. Consistency plays a big role in your kava drink recipe.

Our favorite kava drink recipe: Orange Cream Kava mix

The above photo is our favorite soda to use for this recipe as a short cut.

This kava drink recipe we got from a kava bar down in Florida. We found this is an excellent way to mask some of the bitterness of traditional kava tea and works great with instant kava.

You need either an orange cream soda as pictured above (the easy, quick way) or:

  • orange juice

  • light whipping cream OR

  • coconut milk

  • soda water

Mix the instant kava (we recommend the "Creamsicle" Kelai instant kava, naturally) with your soda water. Then mix the orange juice in with your soda kava tea and some coconut milk (or whipping cream if you don't like coconut).

The result is an easy to drink beverage that tastes just like orange cream ice cream pops.

Chocolate Milk Shake Kava drink: Choco Kava Shake

This is a really popular one. Since fat helps the effects of kava, it is only natural that a milkshake would surface. That being said: this may not be the best for people who are dieting.

You will need:

  • chocolate ice cream

  • milk (or ccnt milk)

  • some good, strong kava

The premise of this drink is simple. The recipe is essentially the same as a chocolate milkshake, just adding in some kava.

Blend the chocolate ice cream in with some milk. Add some water to your instant kava in a seperate cup, then mix some milk in with that kava tea.

Add the kava drink mix to your chocolate ice cream and blender then voila: a psychotropic kava milkshake. We like to drink this before bed with some "Midnight" Borogu instant kava.

Honorable mention: pineapple coconut milk kava drink mix "Kava UPSIDE DOWN CAKE"

Kava Upside Down Cake

We wouldn't feel right with this recipe list if we did not include this. A friend showed us this recipe and we loved it.

You will need:

  • Pineapple juice

  • ccnt milk

  • ice

  • blender

Mix your instant kava with the pineapple juice. Then, add more pineapple juice and ice cubes (whole chunks of pineapple work good in addition) all together in a blender. Some honey or agave is a great sweetener. Turn your blender on some more, and the finished product is an awesome pineapple upside down kava drink.


Do not mix kava with alcohol. Mixing kava with alcohol is a bad idea all together. You also should not mix kava with medications without talking to your doctor.

Do you have some of your own recipes? shoot us a recommendation in the comments!

We plan to improve on our drink recipe writing skills and will be updating you with kava recipes later on.

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