Does Kava work? First time drinking kava?

Does Kava work? First time drinking kava?

Does it work? The answer is a resounding YES - otherwise the people who have been drinking kava for thousands of years in the south pacific would be living a multi generational lie. Also we would not have a business.

If you are yet to feel the effects of kava, then you may be using sub par low quality kava- or have not been drinking kava enough. Check out our selection of top shelf kava products here. We are happy to provide exceptionally high quality strong kava (instant kava). If you want to learn about what makes strong kava, check out this link.

What to expect the first time:

Expect a bitter taste and a mouth numbing sensation. This numbing sensation means it is strong (typically) and is working. Within 40 minutes or so you should feel the effects of kava, sometimes quicker.

Almost nobody likes the taste, so maybe try mixing with juice or your favorite beverage. We have a post about the best kava mix and different kava drink recipes.


Many people compare the effects of kava to a alcohol, as it does effect the same receptors in your brain. That being said, kava is non addictive and far safer than most recreational drugs. Kava is culturally important in Vanuatu and to drink kava is an experience we want everyone to have. You should not worry as one of the key benefits of kava is that it is a relaxing experience.

How long does kava last?

2-6 hours is the general window you will feel the effects of noble kava. For us, sometimes we feel the effects within 15-20 minutes, other times we feel the effects up to 45 minutes later. You usually stop feeling the effects of kava after about 6 hours max, but sometimes it is less time. Our Kelai kava is particularly fast acting, while the "Luxury" Tanna Pia kava lasts longer and creeps up slower. If you want to learn about different kava strains and kava cultivars, check out that link.

How long does kava stay in your system?

This is very hard to determine, but at least 12 hrs to a day or so. You will not experience a hangover- however if you drink an excessive amount you could be sleepy. That being said, reverse tolerance and initial tolerance seem to suggest it could stay in your system awhile. The general consensus is about 18 hours max for noble kava. Non noble kava could last a few days (we do not sell any non noble kava). Kava does not show up in drug tests.

What is reverse tolerance?

Reverse tolerance is a phenomenon somewhat unique to kava. The idea of reverse tolerance is- the more times you experience drinking kava, the more you will experience the effects of kava at even a lower dosage.

This varies from person to person, however initial tolerance is definitely prevalent. In online kava communities, the general consensus is to use the term "initial tolerance" vs "reverse tolerance". This is because, much like other botanical substances, some people do not feel the effects the first time or even first couple times drinking kava.



What is a good kava dosage?

Kava dosage much like tolerance is all relative. Some people have metabolisms that function differently. We recommend 1 teaspoon (2.5 grams) of Designer Kava instant kava. Don't exceed more than 3 teaspoons in a sitting, as the potency and strength could surprise you.

Kava is loved and respected and people have been drinking kava in the south pacific for thousands of years.

If it is your first time drinking kava: leave us a review! We definitely would love to hear your experience. Remember the first time you may not feel the full effects, but ours is potent enough that we bet you will.

For the best effects, try drinking kava on an empty stomach. Drinking kava tea on an empty stomach can potentiate the effects of noble kava. If you want to read more about that, check out our article on how to brew strong kava.

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