Heavy sedative kava for sleep, and kava in the morning.

Heavy sedative kava for sleep, and kava in the morning.

Simply put, the best kava for sleep quality and helping you fall asleep is going to be a "heavy" kava. Most people who drink kava during the day enjoy a "heady" kava. People have been taking kava in both the night and day in the pacific islands for thousands of years.

Heavy kava simply means a more sedative kava, and heady means a less sedative more socially stimulating kava. All cultivars of kava may help relieve stress, both heady and heavy. In high enough doses, even "heady" kava could make you tired. That being said, people love taking kava during the day.

To learn more about heady vs. heavy kava, check out our post on The Different Kava Strains & Kava Cultivars. The effects of kava can be seen across all the different cultivars but some more prominent than others. We break down the best for sleep moving forward.

The best kava for sleep

Especially heavy kava root cultivars are going to be the most sedative, potentially helping you fall asleep- and stay asleep. These kavas can help with insomnia and improve sleep quality. Beyond being sedative, some kava is even muscle relaxing.

So you can keep it straight (people get confused)

try to remember:

Heavy Kava cultivars may promote sleep

Heady Kava cultivars are more for day time relaxation and socializing.

Balanced Kava cultivars are more of a mix of both



All kava may help relieve stress, which in turn helps you fall asleep faster. Taking kava works as a wonderful natural sleep aid.

An example of this is our best selling "Midnight" Borogu Tememe instant kava. It is extremely sedative and probably the strongest kava on the market.

Heavy kava cultivars are going to be more high in the kavalactone #2. This kavalactone is known as Dihydrokavain. Kavas leading in the chemotype 243 or 246 are usually classified as heavy kavas. (Example: Borogu kavalactone chemotype is 243516).

Kavas that lead in 5 and 6 are heavy sedative kavas also, but usually kava cultivars with this chemotype are NOT noble kavas. Simply put, those kava cultivars will probably make you sick and can make you feel lethargic and sleepy for several days at a time. We NEVER sell non-noble kava root.

Your body has what is known as a sleep wake cycle. It is the natural rhythm at which you sleep and wake up/ periods of restlessness throughout the night. Consuming kava before bed can help you wake up more rested.

we got that graph photo from reddit. It is awesome but not from a medical journal or official medical advice by any means.

kava during the day/ morning

"Heady" kava cultivars are going to be what most consume if they take kava throughout the day. These kava cultivars, like all kava root, may help with stress and nervousness

Kava is often consumed at kava bars, which are non alcoholic bars to.. well... drink kava and socialize. The effects of kava make it a great social beverage, and heady kava cultivars are typically more "uplifting".

This uplifting cerebral property of heady kava usually revolves around the cultivar being high in kavalactone #4, kavain. An example of this is our "Creamsicle" Kelai Kava, with a kavalactone make up of 421365.

If you are confused because the #2 kavalactone is associated with sedation, and in Kelai the #2 is right after the #4 kavalactone (meaning it is second highest), try and remember- just because it is a heady or heavy cultivar/chemotype does not mean the effects of kava are totally isolated to one profile.

You will experience various effects of kava regardless of what kava you consume.

Heady kavas are especially great socially as they may relieve nervousness and are more sociable. Some people love using kava right when they wake up or throughout the work day (guilty!).

We recommend generally sticking with a "heady" kava if you take kava in the AM, as with a heavy sedative kava you may fall back asleep (it can be hard to wake up as is!)

That being said, most of the kava root on the market from the pacific islands is a mix of both. We take kava very seriously and do not blend various cultivars together. This can help isolate some of the effects, but even the most "heady" day time kava cultivars will start to be sedative at higher doses.



In summary:

All types of kava in a large enough dose may help improve sleep.

That being said, a heavy kava root is best for the evening.

a heady kava root is best for the day time.

Using kava root is a great way to unwind night or day.

If you need help, try our kava variety quiz or check out our article on picking the best kava for you.

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